Saúde.Come - Promoting Food Security will assess a representative sample of the Portuguese population (mainland and Islands) already identified by the Portuguese Society of Rheumatology, in order to determine the percentage of Portuguese with food insecurity (limited or uncertain access to adequate food, by social and / or economic factors, inhibiting the maintenance of a healthy life) identifying related demographic, socioeconomic and health factors.

This assessment of the situation of food insecurity will also be held in the cohort of 2160 young adults of EPITeen (Epidemiological Investigation of Health Teenagers in Porto), a cohort followed by the Public Health Institute of the University of Porto.

"We anticipate, in fact, with this study to confirm that food insecurity in Portugal is a public health problem, considering the recent crisis period and the socio-economic conditions of the population." Maria João Gregório
Nutritionist researcher at Saúde.Come_ NMS|FCMUNL


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